Seeing the World Through an Airplane Window [50 pics]

Whenever I fly I always ask for a window seat. Seeing the world from above gives you a different perspective on the world. Patterns emerge, nature shines and cities feel colossal. On Flickr there are many groups dedicated to photography from an airplane window. From the Airplane Window has a collection of over 15,000 images while Window Seat Please has amassed over 88,000 photos. Even a simple search for ‘airplane window‘ nets about 60,000 results.

Below you can tour the world through 50 beautiful pictures shot through an airplane window. I opted for shots that included some part of the plane such as the wing for consistency. All credit to the amazing photographers for capturing the world and sharing it with others to enjoy!


1. Somewhere Around Madrid, Spain


Photograph by Sidney Gomez on Flickr



2. Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh as seen from Above (IMG_0048)

Photograph by Passenger32A on Flickr



3. North Cascade National Park
Washington, USA

North Cascade National Park, Washington State

Photograph by Yvon Maurice (Yvon from Ottawa on Flickr)



4. Doha, Qatar

Doha, Qatar

Photograph by Charlie Gilbert on Flickr | charliedotgilbert.blogspot.com/



5. Somewhere over Kansas, USA

Photograph by Mark Shaiken on Flickr



6. Los Angeles, California, USA

Air Travel - Los Angeles from Above

Photograph by fksr on Flickr



7. Mt Rainier, Washington, USA

Mt. Rainier

Photograph by Bob Horowitz on Flickr



8. Anguilla in the Caribbean

Over Anguilla

Photograph by Eugene Delaney on Flickr



9. Christ the Redeemer, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Photograph by Yon Maurice (Yvon from Ottawa on Flickr)



10. Manhattan, New York City, USA

Photograph by Karen Blumberg (SpecialKRB on Flickr)



11. Somewhere over England


Photograph by robep on Flickr



12. Mai Koaw Beach, Phuket, Thailand

Andaman Sea (DSC03292)

Photograph by Passenger32A on Flickr



13. Mexico City, Mexico


Photograph by robep on Flickr



14. Mt Fuji, Japan

Mt. Fuji

Photograph by Yama Tomo on Flickr



15. Somewhere over the Caribbean

Photograph by OakleyOriginals on Flickr



16. San Francisco, California, USA

Strafing Run

Photograph by Bob Horowitz (bats… on Flickr)



17. Somewhere Around Dubai, UAE


Photograph by Timothy LaBranche on Flickr



18. Somewhere between Vancouver and Calgary, Canada

over the ridges

Photograph by Philippe Clairo (Craignos on Flickr)



19. Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Climbout Over Vegas

Photograph by Timothy LaBranche on Flickr



20. Leaving Bangkok, Thailand

Shortly After Take Off (IMG_1742)

Photograph by Passenger32A on Flickr



21. Somewhere over Greenland

Photograph by Simon Morris



22. Sao Paulo, Brazil

Taking off from Congonhas Airport. Sao Paulo, SP, Brazil.

Photograph by Diego N. on Flickr



23. Fields of Green Somewhere in the World

Window Seat

Photograph by StephiGraffink on Flickr



24. Departing Houston, Texas, USA

Houston Hobby Departure

Photograph by Timothy LaBranche


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